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Rental Housing with Social Based Property Management

Gladd2BeJohnson Investments, LLC will build and maintain a cottage developments within communities with the intent of moving people towards the path of home ownership and generational wealth. Currently we are working with Architects and Designers from Burns & McDonnell to get 2-4 master planned home designs with the planning department for Kansas City, MO and possibly Kansas City, KS. These projects will consist of 4+ new build cottage homes 900 sq or less on vacant lots ready for infill construction. No longer will communities have random sore eyed spots to their communities, they will be filled with beautiful spaces and our community. These projects do a multitude of deeds for communities and the housing industry, such as bringing more minority owned businesses and female minority owned businesses to the forefront of the construction industry.


This specific project is collaboration of social-minded business owners and organizations looking to make an impact on affordable and attainable housing by way of city approved Cottage Developments. Gladd2BeJohnson would primarily be focused on design, housing development and community building and ensuring livable housing costs. Forever Grace, financial parter, will focus on property management, maintaining community health and wellness and providing resources and social services to those within the community. Our strategic partner CoBuild would be tasked with construction of the development, upholding environmental sustainability, whilst within their own company providing workforce development, economic development, and walking in it’s own passion for affordable housing projects. We have secured a partnership with The Mattie Rhodes Center and with their proficiency, participants would be guided from a “transitional housing” standpoint at Mattie Rhoades, into our development where they can receive an affordable housing situation, and further counseled towards homeownership by way of help with credit rebuilding or possibly even downpayment assistance. Ultimately moving more families towards generational wealth and homeownership.


With the increased cost of materials, subdued housing innovation allowances politically and all primary focuses of fore-profit companies being profits, it is virtually impossible to make housing affordability and profitable enterprises meet.


Our solution to these current housing needs is to bridge the gaps between fore-profit institutions and engaging developers with access to subsidies to make affordable housing a reality. Government backed subsidies (which is how the suburbs were built), or non profit partnership subsidies that have federal to city restrictions, or fore-profit subsidies by way of social entrepreneurship with less of those restrictions, are all available options with the right vision. I feel that our biggest weapon against the housing crisis and even gentrification is access to more housing stock. We just plan to do it with small footprint housing initiatives.

"The financial system has its own language for the purpose of exclusionary practices." -unknown

"Social inequality creates a vicious cycle of racial inequalities." -unknown

" 'Do people wanna live like this?' 'The only way that you can ever persuade anybody or ever make your point is to set an example, maybe this is not the answer but at least it should inspire people to think a little bit differently.'" -unknown

"Be ashamed to die until you have scored a victory for humanity."- Neil deGrasse Tyson

"When you reach the end of the rope tie a knot in it and hang on" -FDR

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Equity Partner

Owner of Forever Grace: a social work based property management company offering resource case management and individual and family development.


Strategic Partner/Mentor

Owner of CoBuild: a construction social enterprise upholding environmental sustainability while providing workforce training and fair-wage employment.


Strategic Partner

Scott Wagner and the Mattie Rhodes Center: providing a holistic approach to individual and families well-being and working with families to help build their credit and guide participants towards home ownership.


Strategic Partners

With the gracious members of the South Indian Mound Neighborhood Association blessings our planned development is located within this beautiful community, relatively close to Downtown KC, with easy access to major highways, beautiful parks, and many local businesses.

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