Gladd2BeJohnson Investments, LLC was founded in 2020 with one primary mission: to increase housing stock availability by way of Cottage Home Developments and Tiny Home Initiatives. Our goal is tackle housing affordability among disenfranchised families, helping realize the potential of generational wealth building for underserved communities. We aim to partner with for-profit investors, social impact investors, non-profit organizations, and city legislators to tackle attainable housing projects, one family at a time. If you’re looking for a Real Estate Developer to help you develop your tiny home or cottage development ideas into tangible projects, consider Gladd2BeJohnson Investments, LLC. 


We currently provide construction project estimation services and Pro Forma Development Services. 

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Development. Entrepreneurship. Generational Wealth.

Gladd2BeJohnson Investments, LLC would like to introduce Gladd2Be Home. This project is has evolved over the last few years and is now in its seed capital funding stage and we are looking to work with Social Impact Investors, grant opportunities and more. Our focus is Social Entrepreneurship, navigating the hardships of profitable enterprises and socially charged entrepreneurs, whilst changing the conversation about how "affordable" housing can ultimately lead to generational wealth building. We are not closed to the prospect of high investment high return developments on future projects, but staying true to our core we plan to aid others in their pursuit of generational wealth.